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Posted by - Admin / April 7th, 2010

Spotlauncher is a full service production and media company. They write, produce, and edit advertising scripts for TV and radio that can also be incorporated into your existing or a new website design. They also purchase media slots at reduced rates ensuring that your ad is displayed at the most appropriate time and to your most appropriate audience. Spotlauncher also tracks and monitors the performance of your advertising so that you can always be sure of enjoying the best possible results when you use Spotlauncher TV and radio advertising services.

DRTV, or Direct Response TV advertising, is a very specific form of TV advertising. DRTV spots. Or infomercials, are used to deliver a lot of information about a product to potential buyers and then to persuade them to purchase products, pay for services, or contact you for more information. Infomercials are especially useful for new and innovative products because they allow the time to introduce the product to your potential market and then extol the benefits of that product before attempting to sell it.

Whether you let Spotlauncher develop a short radio ad or an extensive DRTV advertising spot you can expect assistance throughout the entire process from inception of an advertising message through to the purchase of media slots and the tracking of your ad’s performance. Ad tracking is vital not only to monitor the performance of a specific advertisement but to judge the viability of advertising media for future marketing efforts.

Professional TV And Radio Advertising Services From Spotlauncher

Posted by - Admin / December 16th, 2009

Many businesses and professionals appreciate the value of TV or radio advertising on their business, but few have the expertise or knowledge to create their own spot. Many of these same businesses also believe that advertising through these forms of media is prohibitively expensive, but that isn’t the case when you use the professional TV and radio advertising services provided by Spotlauncher. Spotlauncher assists companies in the creation, delivery, and tracking of TV and radio advertising programs with services ranging from script writing to media buying and campaign tracking.

The preparation and creation of the advertisement itself is obviously an important step in the advertising process. Spotlauncher can create professional and effective scripts for TV, radio, and DRTV (Direct Response TV) advertising. For custom TV and DRTV spots, they can also produce and edit video spots and provide professional actors for the delivery of hosted advertising spots. With packages to suit any budget and any advertising needs, Spotlauncher customers can choose between a narrated video spot or a hosted one in order to generate the best possible results.

Once an advertisement is completed, there’s still a lot to do in order to ensure that an advertisement or spot will prove successful. Spotlauncher professional media buyers can procure custom TV and radio spots. From local to national campaigns, media buying packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer so that they enjoy the level of exposure they need with the exact demographics of potential customer required.

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